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The sentencing phase of your trial is one of the most critical parts and will determine what you must do to satisfy the order of the court.   I am an experienced Mitigation Expert and can offer an opinion to the sentencing authority as to the appropriate sentence at trial, or for disposition at probation and/or parole modification/revocation hearings.  With your attorney's permission, I can set you up on a mock probation program to verify your ability/willingness to comply with the conditions of probation.  I have over 14 years experience in all phases of law enforcement to include commisssioned Peace Officer, Adult Probation Officer and Adult Parole Officer so can potentially make a difference in your case.  In addition, I have over 13 years experience working in tactical and strategic intelligence collection and analysis throughout the world. Your confidentiality is of utmost concern to me. 

My prior experience includes testimony as an Expert Witness in Drug Testing Procedures/Protocol, using the Syva Analyzer, in the State of Alaska.  I prepared pre sentencing reports in the State of Alaska which included an evaluation and specific recommendation to the court as to an appropriate sentence given the totality of the circumstances.

I work for your attorney who is appearing before the judge or Parole Board, as the attorney of record, to ensure a positive flow of information.  The attorney and the client review my Expert Report prior to introduction to the Court or Parole Board Hearing Officer.  Until made a part of the record, my Expert Report remains a work product for your attorney and is not subject to discovery.

Other than court appointments, my fee must be paid up front, in full, before I commence work on the Expert Report.  This is mandated in order to maintain credibility with the court, or Parole Board Panel, who make the ultimate decision in your case.  I take court appointments, so contact your attorney and ask him/her to contact me regarding my services.


Call 936.524.1413. 

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Shattered Lives is an awesome program to teach junior/senior high school students the dangers associated with drnking and driving