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MEXICAN GOLD shot at Alamo Village, June 2006, Brackettville, TX

Photos from The Man Who Came Back film shoot

The Man Who Came Back page 2




The Police Unity Tour is a group that raises money to support the National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum in Washington, DC. PUT hosts a bicycle ride from Newark, NJ every year beginning on May 9th ending in Washington, DC, at the NLEOMF, where they conduct a candle light vigil to honor all law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.





Favorite Sites

National Disabled American Veterans organization that helps veterans with benefits.  If you served, contact them.  It's free and they are the best.



Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association


The National Security Agency website

Ensuring our nations communications secrets are kept secret and out of our enemies hands.  America's code makers and code breakers extraordinaire.

National Army Security Agency Association

This is the National Army Security Agency website.  The US Army Security Agency (ASA) was an integral part of the National Security Agency (NSA) and performed intercept, analysis and reporting to higher echelons.  The ASA was merged with other intelligence agencies in 1976 and reformed under the Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) where all US Army Military Intelligence collections efforts were integrated.  The intent was to get the intelligence to the Commanders in the field immediately.


What happened to our leaders?  Why did true representation of We, The People disappear?  Why do our political leaders vote the way they do but not the way the majority of the public wants them to vote?  When did the minority become more important than the majority in the once great nation?  Why are be falling over ourselves to comply with the demands of a few people who want to turn our country into either a socialist or a communist state.  Isn't the reason we are an independent nation is because we didn't want to be taxed without representation?  Are we doomed to regress to a government run by a few people instead of the majority?