MEXICAN GOLD shot at Alamo Village, June 2006, Brackettville, TX
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MEXICAN GOLD shot at Alamo Village, June 2006, Brackettville, TX

Photos from The Man Who Came Back film shoot

The Man Who Came Back page 2


All photographs were taken by me except those of Samantha Lockwood which were posted with her permission

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Michael Gregory chilling between shots
Beautiful Samantha Lockwood
Eddie Enriques
J. Eddie Peck
J. Eddie Peck, Corbin Timbrook and Michael Gregory
Eddie Enriques, Terry Mann and "Cowboy Bill" Silas
Samantha Lockwood

These words are so very true.  What would John Wayne do these days?  Do you have any doubt?


I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  I was very priviledged to have been a part of Mexican Gold and to get an opportunity to visit history.  John Wayne is a true American hero and I wish he were alive today to help strengthen the backbones of our politicians.