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MEXICAN GOLD shot at Alamo Village, June 2006, Brackettville, TX

Photos from The Man Who Came Back film shoot

The Man Who Came Back page 2


More pictures from The Man Who Came Back shot on May 3, 2007

These photos were taken at Liendo Plantation, Hemptstead, Texas.  Gen George Custer was stationed here for awhile.  See

George Kennedy
James Patrick Stuart

Taken during a breather on the shoot

Taken at Fernland, Montgomery, TX on May 2, 2007
me and Billy Zane

Taken at Liendo Plantation, Hempstead, TX on May 3, 2007

Me and Glen Pitre, Director, The Man Who Came Back

He is a funny individual

Me and Stephanos Miltsakakis (Greek Actor)
Me and Robyn Daniels

I love her smile and she has a very sweet personality


I'll post some more after my trip to Brackettville where we will shoot at Tha Alamo replica that John Wayne built for the move "The Alamo"